👋I’m Borja,
Creative Art Director | UX/UI

I create products that work
and also look amazing

It’s not easy to find the key to what works, but in my +10 years of experience I’ve released many games/apps and made many «mistakes», which has helped me develop an anti vision and a resume of things not to stumble upon again.

Here are some things I’ve stumbled upon
and I’m pretty good at them 🔥

*some more than others


App Design

Team Management

Character Design


AI Implementation



Web Design


App Stores Creativities



Pitch Presentations

Featured Projects

Specialized in UX/UI and passionate about bringing ideas to life from scratch.

I have mainly worked on video games and apps for the mobile market and in the Web3 sector with a 2D art aesthetic. 🍿Grab some popcorn and I hope you enjoy this selection of my favorite works.

Official Pasapalabra App

The official app of the television game show. Here I had a joke about the Spanish show that you wouldn’t understand, so I’m improvising this text…

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Creative & art direction. UX/UI. Animation. Promotional creativities and trailer.

Dog Legends

Candy Crush + dogs, it doesn’t get better than this 💖

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Creative & art direction. UX/UI. Animation. Promotional creativities and trailer.

Underground Waifus

I’m good at many things, but drawing waifus is not one of them. Aside from waifus, I’ve done everything else myself. 😊

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Art Direction. UX/UI. Animation. Web design, promotional creativities and trailers.

Galaxy portal

Help Neandertime and Nick the alopecic cactus defeat the Imperial watermelons in this puzzle adventure game like Angry Birds + Portal.

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Art direction. Animation. Promotional creativities and trailer.

I love creating weird stories and characters, and I’m channeling that passion into this personal project of a card game, focused on character design.

Synopsis: The «best» fighters in the galaxy have been kidnapped by the Slap King to participate in a slapping tournament. Let the slapping begin!👋

Hello again! First of all, thank you for checking out my work 😊. Second, I promise I’m not a bat, and third, let me summarize some key points where I can help you:


✨ Creative & art direction. From branding to a presentation pitch, trailer, website, and other creativities for the launch.

👹 Creating unique IPs and charismatic characters.

💡 UX/UI. Designing an effective user experience so your users don’t get lost.

💫 Adding animation that complements the design and provides good visual feedback.

🤖 Implementing AI in your processes to make them more efficient.

🎯 Management, leadership, and motivation of creative teams.


I’m pretty sure of the answer but…

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